Advanced Video Gaming Stand Solutions


There is a pattern for advances in booths seen frequently disbursed throughout the casino floors to bring them to a new level by introducing innovative and new technologies that belong to the more comprehensive "cashless payment" patterns in society through exclusive payment system innovations paired with "gaming industry" trends driven by proprietary gaming system innovations. Introduction of a forward thinking booth solution such as that established by Sightline Payments and Bally Technologies not only materially enhances on exactly what consumers and operators are already accustomed to, however lays the structure for a future roadmap that can fundamentally alter the method payment systems and gaming systems interact with one another supplying indispensable information to an operator so they may much better serve their customer.

Payment Trends

Debit cards, credit cards, and ACH/check usage on the internet or at traditional sellers has actually proven that eliminating physical cash from the transaction life process has lots of advantages to both the merchant and the consumer. Numerous sellers likewise offer a commitment card that is used at the time the purchase is made with the customer's payment instrument of option. Lots of think the next wave of payments innovation has actually begun driven by the customers and merchants want to assist in payments through their cellphones utilizing NFC (near field communication) and several of the mobile handset makers, card companies, merchants and mobile providers have just recently released Mobile NFC pilots.

Why Will Payments Go Mobile?

A credit or debit card or loyalty card in your "physical wallet" can only interact one way, however when you migrate it onto a smartphone you have a 2 method real-time communication channel to a consumer's "mobile wallet" opening the door to a whole new opportunity of payments, discount coupons, satisfying and driving loyalty. Gartner forecasts that 190 million individuals will adopt mobile payments worldwide by 2013 which the percentage of mobile phones in the total set up handset base will approach 90 percent by 2014. Adoption rates for mobile phones are accelerating and 2010 statistics are on track to be $100 billion and double, to $200 billion, in 2011 and are anticipated to reach almost $630 billion by 2014.

Gaming Trends

The video gaming market is one of the last holdout industries where you require money to begin your play and when you end your video gaming play by settling out with money. ATM's and other supplementary payment services as debit & credit card advances and inspect cashing in gambling establishments has actually been a conduit for the mass bulk of clients accessing money for their gaming home entertainment for more than 20 years.

A more current trend over the previous 5 years has been the migration of the ATM cash services onto these redemption devices as operators continue to search for methods to lower expenses and provide much better service to their casino clients. And while the migration of ATM onto redemption stands has actually accomplished a few of the operator's goals there are numerous chances yet to be made use of concerning other types of payment approval such as smart phones and payments that vend tickets instead of cash. The remarkable cost savings and superior client service and targeted marketing that can be realized from "cash" to "electronic cash" or simply puts a "really cashless" casino environment is tremendous- not much unlike in the retail industry on the web or mobile phone.

A Sightline Payment & Bally Technologies Kiosk Vision

Integrating sophisticated payment systems with video gaming systems onto casino stands has numerous benefits, including

(1) Addressing emerging patterns of consumer habits to easier payment forms using NFC on their smart phones and richer targeted rewards

(2) Provides labor cost savings and much better customer support as in the case of the ancillary payment services that gets rid of human intervention

(3) Lowers other expenses throughout the transaction lifecycle when you consider gadget expenses, cost of money, and other 3rd party supplier expenses

(4) Offers a missing link of tracking payment options by the client to their behavior out on the gaming floor through the commitment program

(5) When it comes to redemption devices lowering the footprint by up to 40% saving valuable floor space

(6) Serve targeted media through a media server

(7) Incorporate facial biometrics to minimize fraud and mitigate need for presenting identification.